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On-Line Edition      Wednesday, February 25, 2015     Vol. 57  No. 8

‘Best in Show’ at science fair                      Photos by Steve Spoden
    YOUNG SCIENTISTS from around Lombard displayed their science projects at Glenn Westlake Middle School for judging Saturday in the 2015 Lombard School District 44 Science Fair. This year, 198 science projects were entered by 297 kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The six projects judged “Best In Show” were entered by (top row, l. to r.) Nisa Gur, a kindergarten student at Manor Hill School, for her project “How Do We Feel Things? Sense of Touch!”; Cleo Glenzinski, a second-grade student at Madison School, for her project “Which Solvent Makes a Better Perfume—Water or Alcohol?”; Annalee Kalbfleisch and Arianne Tsinillis, third-grade students at Manor Hill School, for their project “Which Water Filter Works Best? Sand or Charcoal?”; and (bottom row, l. to r.) Luke Jenkins, a fourth-grade student at William Hammerschmidt School, for his project “Beat the Heat”; Kathryn Nairn, a fifth-grade student at William Hammerschmidt School, for her project “The Magic of the Mind: How Reliable is Eyewitness Testimony?”; and Matthew Naughton, a fifth-grade student at Manor Hill School, for his project “Gravity and Craters.” This year’s Science Fair Committee members were Lisa O’Brien, Heidi Jenkins, Michael Schaefer and Tania Parciany.  

                 *** September 11, 2011 ***